Fundraising Hall of Fame: Simon & Colin

Simon Hare and Colin Newstead (both of whom ended up working for Globalteer in Cambodia) decided they wanted to raise money for Globalteer’s Cambodia Community Projects when they were accepted as volunteers in 2009.Not being fit enough to run a marathon or brave enough to do a sky-dive they came up with the idea of […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Holly

You will be so glad you helped to put a smile on these kids faces- anyone with a heart would!”My experience with helping the day center project was one i was proud to be a part of. So many tourists come to Angkor Wat without seeing the real Cambodia, when its so easy to help […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Duncan

I have done my small part to make a difference…I was quite apprehensive about going to Cambodia at first. I am at an age where I can remember Vietnam, the Khmer rouge and pol pot. But, I was also at an age where I knew there was more important things I needed to do with […]

Volunteer Spotlight: James

“Cambodia remains my favourite country because of the people…”A fantastic life changing experience. I particularly enjoyed playing with the kids at the day centre, they were so loving and happy, their smiling faces will stay with me always. Whilst teaching at the school, I was first struck by the respect the children showed me, standing […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Emily & Grace

“What Globalteer is doing in Siem Reap is amazing, all of the projects don’t just help the kids but the families and the wider community too”Australian Friends Emily Fewtrell (right) and Grace Barker (below) made the most of their long uni break by spending 2 weeks volunteering with Globalteer’s Cambodia Community Project in January 2014. […]