Providing Clean Water in Cambodia to Rural Villages

Giving rural villages access to clean water! The limited access to clean water is one of the biggest issues facing people in Cambodia, causing thousands of deaths per year. Providing clean water to Cambodian villages is of the utmost importance. Access to clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental human right! However, nearly 50% of […]

Our Values – Sustainable Development

Sustainable development in the 21st century  Here at Globalteer we pride ourselves on being different to many other ‘volunteering’ companies. We do organise volunteering opportunities for people, but we don’t do this for a profit. We are a charity seeking to create positive change for the projects, partners and communities we work with. Part of […]

An Insight into the Cambodia Clean Water Project

Improving access to Clean Water in Cambodia! Most of us use water everyday without thinking about it. We drink water, wash with water, cook with water and clean ourselves, our beds and our clothes with water. Water is a human right, one that is often taken for granted. As soon as clean water is removed from your home, most tasks we do […]

Three different projects, one amazing experience!

Volunteering in Siem Reap, Cambodia Meet Rebecca, Volunteering in Siem Reap for four weeks with Globalteer at three amazing Combined Cambodia Projects. The Cambodia Women’s Empowerment Project, Cambodia Community Project, and the Cambodia Clean Water Project! “For about two years I have been planning the 5 month sabbatical which I am currently half way through. I […]

Globalteer’s First Corporate Group make an impact in Cambodia

In January 2017, Globalteer welcomed their first corporate volunteering group – a group of 10 enthusiastic volunteers from MSD in Singapore. The story began with Globalteer volunteer, Linda. Linda was placed at our Cambodia Community project in the summer of 2016. At the time of her placement, the project needed some assistance with getting our first […]

Volunteer in one of the friendliest countries in the world!

Struggling on deciding where to travel to or which country to volunteer in? We may have the answer for you! Travel guide giant, Rough Guides, has published their top 10 friendliest countries across the world; as voted by their Facebook and Twitter followers. We’re proud to say that we have incredible projects in four of […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Alex

‘Working at this project has made me view life differently and was an experience that I’ll keep with me forever!”Alexandra is 35, and is a forensic scientist from Australia, who spent 2 weeks at our Cambodia Clean Water project in September 2016.  Alex’s Story I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Cambodia Clean Water project. It […]

New volunteer video: The Cambodia Clean Water Project

If you want to know what volunteering with the Cambodia Clean Water project is really like and how it is making a difference to thousands of lives, watch this candid interview with one of our fantastic volunteers.

Rural Cambodia Community volunteering – Watch our latest video

If you are having trouble deciding which of our Cambodia projects to volunteer with then our new video might help you make up your mind.Globalteer works with a number of projects around Siem Reap which focus on providing free education to disadvantaged children so they can have a real opportunity at securing a better future […]

Globalteer volunteers help bring clean drinking water to over 300 Cambodian children

Last week volunteers and staff from Globalteer’s Clean Water Project joined forces with volunteers and staff at our Cambodia Community Project to bring clean drinking water to more than 300 children at our project in a rural village outside Siem Reap.  A life-saving giftThe Clean Water Project team delivered two new bio-sand filters to the community […]