A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer

Volunteering at the Peru Wildlife Sanctuary! Are you thinking of coming to volunteer at the Peru Wildlife Sanctuary in the Amazon? Here is a good overview of what you can expect as a wildlife sanctuary volunteer on a daily basis. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Anna, spent a few days there with a recent group of volunteers, […]

A Day in The Life of an Amazon Conservation Volunteer

Volunteering in the Peruvian Amazon! Preparing for your volunteer adventure can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. Trying to think about what to expect when you arrive, what the work will actually be like. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Rosie, recently went and enjoyed her own volunteer adventure at the Peru Amazon Conservation Project! She shares […]

A Day in The Life of a Bear Sanctuary Volunteer

Volunteering with Bears Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Bear Sanctuary Volunteer looks like? How hard is the work? What do volunteers actually do? Our volunteer coordinator, Lauren, recently visited the Cambodia Bear Sanctuary to enjoy her very own volunteer experience with the bears! Here she shares her experience so you […]

A postcard from…Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary!

Carrying on our ‘A postcard from…’ series, Jillian, our Volunteer Development Co-Ordinator, based in Siem Reap, took a trip to our Elephant sanctuary in Mondulkiri, Cambodia. Read her beautiful account of her time there. “My trip to Mondulkiri to the Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary was an amazing experience! The day began by meeting at a cute little […]

Postcard from Colombia

Drugs? Coffee? That 80’s soccer dude with the crazy blonde affro? The irresistibly dizzy Gloria from hit US sitcom Modern Family? Just what is Colombia most famous for?Truth is, it’s all of the above. Which is a shame really as there is much more to Colombia than these easy clichés. And in particular there is […]

Volunteering in Cambodia: What’s it really like?

Volunteering in Cambodia Volunteering in Cambodia – What’s it really like? No matter how much you read the online forums and trusty old guide books, there’s nothing like hearing it first hand from someone just like you to get a real feel of what somewhere is actually going to be like when you get there. […]

Postcard from The Bear Rescue Project

Even if you are not an “animal person” it is difficult to imagine why anyone would want to eat “bear paw soup” or why someone would keep a living creature confined to a tiny cage, slowly draining the bile from its gall bladder. Such practices are outlawed in most countries but they still go on, […]