Siem Reap Excursion for Helping Hands Students

New Adventures for Students!

Every month, teachers are taking a group of Helping Hands students on a new adventure! An excursion to Siem Reap's city center.

Living in Siem Reap's countryside, they rarely have the opportunity to go to malls or visit a craft studio like Artisants d’Angkor. Or to even see what life is like in less rural areas.

This school trip is to show them life outside the school and the village. Additionally, as we teach them about “road safety” as a part of the Child Safety Program at school. They can see for themselves how dangerous it can be to drive without a helmet or how to walk or cross streets safely looking both left and right. Taking them out of their comfort zone also helps them become more confident in their future experiences.

First Stop: The Mall

Accompanied by two teachers, students started their visit at the Mall. Their eyes were filled with stars and excitement while entering the huge complex. The visited shops and were looking at many interesting items. Their favorite place was definitely the “Miniso” shop, with giant, soft teddy bears and fun accessories! They tried some of the coolest or strangest items and had a lot of fun thanks lovely staff.

Additionally, as escalators are something they are not familiar with, going upstairs and downstairs felt like magic to them. Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge fueled further. Children love entertainment, and there was a lot all around them. Every corner of the mall was like a rabbit hole with plenty of discoveries. They were daydreaming with eyes wide opened.

Second Stop: Lunch Time

Exploring is quite fun but also very exhausting. Therefore, a good and delicious meal at a Pizza restaurant is more than welcome to regain some strength! In their village, students mostly eat meals consisting of rice and vegetables. Testing some other kind of food is always a fun experience for them! And what better choice than pizza!

Third Atop: Visit Artisant d’Angkor

Artisant d’Angkor is an amazing place for students to learn about their own culture and traditions through handcrafts including carvings, arts, paintings and drawings. Thanks to Cambodian know-how, many carvings in Angkor Wat and other surrounding temples, have been restored.

The young adventurers did some training with the craftsmen. They took of their time to explain and show the kids their work. Determined to help, the students rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty to learn how to make carvings. Students asked lots of questions and were impressed by such meticulous work. One carving can take up to four weeks to be done! Sometimes some carvings are not perfect the first time and need to be improved again and over again until it is perfect. Seeing the hard work they put in it was very inspirational for students and taught them a life lesson about patience.

It was an educational and insightful stop for the Helping Hands students!

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” - Samuel Johnson

Final Stop: The Globalteer Office

To end this amazing journey, the students visited Globalteer’s office to get an idea of how a professional environment looks like. They’ve been curious to get to know where our staff and interns were working. They often see staff at school but never been to their workplace before.

At first sight, they seemed a bit shy but were still interested in everything surrounding them, from office boards to computers. Each of them had the chance to write their names on a blank word page on the computer. After a few slips and time looking for letters on an English keyboard, they understood how it worked and perfectly wrote their names! They are fast learners and could be future ITs students!

Finally, after exchanging high-fives with the staff and have a last look all around the office to memorize each detail, they went back to school with beautiful memories and stories to share with their friends at school!