Picaflor House English Programme Success

Picaflor Student Wins English Competition!

The staff at our Picaflor House project received some great news this week. The project's English Programme is proving a success with a recent former student winning a regional English competition!

The student attended Picaflor House for 5 years before leaving last year to attend secondary school. While at Picaflor House he was a very diligent and excellent student, as well as an ambassador for Picaflor House.

Entering an English Competition

He took part in an English competition at the end of the last school year and won the competition. As the winner he was invited to participate in a Cusco-wide regional competition against winners from all schools in the Cusco region. He also won at the regional competition, beating students from some of Cusco's best schools. Not only did he win the competition, he was also commended for his excellent pronunciation. His mother couldn’t wait to come to Picaflor House to inform everyone of his success and thank the project personally, as she credits his success to his time at Picaflor House.

He will now have a great chance at applying to a school for gifted children next year, which will open many doors for him including travel abroad, advanced English classes and a much brighter future!

Many Thanks!

Picaflor House’s programme manager, Laura is extremely proud to see a former student doing so well, and along with the rest of the Picaflor House staff congratulates him on his success. Additionally a huge thank you goes to all our English teachers past and present for bringing the opportunity to learn English to the children in Oropesa, as well as all our volunteers that provide the children with the opportunity to practice their English with native speakers.

A big thank you also go to Latin American Travel Association (LATA) Foundation for their generous grants to Picaflor House that enabled the project to put together a more comprehensive English curriculum to further enhance the English programme! The programme was designed to make learning English more fun and engaging for the children, as the more they enjoy the classes the more they learn (and it is clearly working!). It was also designed with native English speakers in mind so the maximum benefit is gained from our Peru Community Project volunteers.

About Picaflor House

Picaflor House provides a stimulating and dynamic after school program to the children of Oropesa to help improve their education. The project provides children with homework help, reading comprehensions and mathematics classes, English classes and a variety of non-academic activities such as arts, sports, music and traditional dance, as well as providing the children with a nutritious lunch daily.

If you to would like to contribute to the excellent work Picaflor House is doing in Oropesa, you can sign up to become a monthly donor through our website. Or if you would like to volunteer at the project and see its brilliant work for yourself, see our project page or contact us for more information on how you can get involved.

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