Peruvian Project kids excel in English

As the saying goes, “praise where praise is due” and today we want to shine a spotlight on the amazing work being done in English classes at our Peru community Project in Cusco.

Six months ago we received a grant from the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) Foundation to overhaul the English teaching programme for the sixty children at this brilliant educational project in Peru. We are delighted to report that Lynn, our wonderful English language coordinator has somehow managed to find time not only to teach English to the children but also to put together a really comprehensive English curriculum.  

It is designed to make learning English more fun and engaging as the more the children enjoy classes the more they will learn. It has also been designed with native English speaking volunteers in mind so that we can get maximum benefit from our volunteers!

Currently the children are learning all about a different English speaking country each week, increasing their awareness of English speaking culture and geography as well as their improving their language skills. All of this will give them a real advantage at school, college and in the work place when they are older.

And even better news, we are thrilled to also announce that the LATA Foundation has very kindly agreed to fund our English programme for at least another six months. This is wonderful news for all the childrenso huge thanks to the LATA Foundation for their continued generosity. Our English Language coordinator explains what a difference investment in the programme is having on our children:

“In the last six months I have noticed dramatic improvements in our students’ English. They have gone from being nervous or even scared of speaking English to being comfortable and excited to have grasped the new language and are now proud of themselves. Also, comparing test results from the previous June to this January, there have been significant jumps in grades among many of our children.”

If you’d like to come and help out with English classes, as well as Arts & Crafts, sports, games and even photography classes then check out our Peru Community Project page and start your journey today!