Peru volunteers join Cusco celebrations

Volunteer in Cusco

June is a spectacular month to Volunteer in Cusco, with a range of festivals held around the area. Celebrating both Inca and Spanish culture, history and art. This year was no exception, with Globalteer’s Peru Dog Rescue and Peru Community Project volunteers, along with our lovely Cusco staff, savouring the spectacle of these unique events.

Most recently was Inti Raymi, a nine-day winter solstice festival celebrating the Incan sun god which takes place in June. This year over 200,000 people descended on Cusco for what is one of the biggest festivals in South America.

Plenty of free attractions

Throughout the week there were free street fairs, live music and parades. On the final day, a royal procession to the ancient ruins of Sacsayhuamán, which sits high above Cusco, with jaw-dropping views of the city.

Don’t be out off by the fact that it’s a winter festival as winter (May – October) is the best time to come to Cusco if you are looking for those impossible blue Andean skies and lots of sunshine!

And for thrill-seekers...

The Globalteer team also took volunteers to the Q'eswachaka Festival, a five hour drive from Cusco. A thousand people from four communities spend three days each year weaving plant fibres together to make new ropes for the Q’eswachaka Bridge.

This is the only hanging bridge in Peru whose annual traditional rebuilding process has been maintained for hundreds of years. Also, the only one built entirely by hand in a collective effort using local fibres.

Both of these festivals were a wonderful opportunity for our volunteers to experience the special culture and history of Peru. Of course, the outings were a big hit with our staff too!

For Dog Rescue Project volunteer Holly, attending these festivals has added a unique extra dimension to her time in Cusco:

“Volunteering in Cusco with Globalteer has given me the opportunity to experience a different culture in a way I never thought I would.”

Do you want to help make a difference and volunteer in Cusco? We are looking for volunteers with both our Peru Community and Peru Dog Rescue project. We accept volunteers of all backgrounds, age, ability and education. Get involved today!

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