Perfect present for Peru Project kids: i-pad? X-box? PS3? MP3? None of the above…?

Globalteer’s Peruvian Children’s Project has received a fabulous gift of hundreds of pencils from worldwide charity Pens for Kids. Yes, you read it right – pencils. In fact the children at Globalteer's Picaflor House have never even heard of i-pads, X boxes and PS3's, but pencils are a real treat!

Malcolm O’Brien who runs Pens for Kids in the UK contacted Picaflor House back in November 2011 to see if the children at the project near Cusco could benefit from a donation of pens. The not-for–profit organisation collects unwanted pens and pencils and donates them to underprivileged children worldwide who might otherwise be unable to afford such items.

Pens and pencils – something children in the developed world simply take for granted - are vital tools for children in developing countries if they are to have any chance of a proper education. But Globalteer’s project manager for South America asked if they might have pencils instead, explaining,

“We usually prefer our kids to use pencils as empty pens just add to the already substantial plastic waste problem in Peru”.

This proved to be no problem for Pens for Kids who mailed a large box of hundreds of assorted pencils from Lima when Malcolm was visiting Peru on a business trip recently. Annie and the children were over the moon:

“We expected a small package, but no! The box was more than a foot cubed (or 30cm cubed) and bursting at the seams with pencils, some erasers and a few sharpeners. At Picaflor House today we distributed a little bundle to each child and we still have plenty for use at school and for another distribution later in the year”.

The following week, volunteers at Picaflor House helped the children to make quilted patchwork pencil cases  in their art class to keep their new pencils safe and clean.

If you would like to know more about volunteering at Picaflor house please visit the Picaflor House website, or go to Globalteer’s Peru Children’s Project page.

If you would like to know more about Pens For Kids UK, then please click here.