educating communities on neutering Cusco Peru

Educating Communities on Neutering

Sometimes, You Just Can’t Give It Away

If you’re reading this article in the UK or the USA, it is likely that you see neutering simply as an integral part of responsible pet ownership. Not only does it prevent female animals getting pregnant, but it also helps reduce territorial behaviours and aggression, so why wouldn’t you do it?

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Saving dogs lives in villages surrounding Cusco

Saving Dog’s Lives – Offering Better Solutions to Difficult Problems

Before continuing, please be advised that some readers may find some of the following upsetting to read, as it includes information about culling practices.

First Month Complete!

We’re now a full month into our mobile clinic programme and it has been an enlightening journey! The great thing about community projects is the conversations you can have with local people, learning more about what they need and why situations are as they are.

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Vets treated dog at PAWS mobile clinic - an animal welfare project, Cusco, Peru

PAWS Mobile Clinic is Back

We were so excited at the start of 2020 having received a grant from The Summerlee Foundation, to buy a vehicle and kit it out as a mobile veterinary clinic. While we’ve been supporting animal shelters in Cusco for years, with volunteers and financial contributions, we thought it was time to take a more head-on approach to the problem. And a mobile clinic, offering free veterinary care and neutering in rural villages, was the way forward.

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