Meet Stella!

Little Stella is one of our most recent residents at our Laos Wildlife Sanctuary.

Stella is a very young Common Palm Civet, who was brought in to our Laos Wildlife Sanctuary a few days ago, after receiving a call from a member of the public who found her under a tree covered in ants, and her mother nowhere to be found. The team headed out straight away and bought her to safety.

Rescued baby civet at Thailand Wildlife Sanctuary

Our vets believe she is 5/6 days old and she has not quite opened her eyes yet. She is eating well for now, but with any animal of such young age not receiving the proper early care from its mother means she is still needs round the clock care.

The recent rapid rise in production of 'civet coffee', a practice using mainly this species, and a new craze for keeping this species as a 'pet' have both presumably resulted in greatly increased off-take from the wild. Civet coffee farms are also expanding rapidly in Viet Nam. Together with ongoing hunting pressure, particularly in northern South-east Asia, it is likely that the global population is in decline. Common Palm Civet is a large part of the general mammal harvest for eating in South-east Asia, both for subsistence but also for trade to urban luxury restaurants. It is increasingly kept as a 'pet' and kept captive for the production of civet coffee, especially in Indonesia.
She's in great hands at the sanctuary and after some love, care and attention she'll be on the road to rehabilitation.

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