Help us grow our curriculum, and in turn support the health and well-being of our students.

Our new Sports Programme is now under way.  Through this programme, we aim to:

- provide our students with more student teacher time

- broaden our curriculum to teach valuable lessons in team work and sportsmanship

 - further develop our students fine and gross motor skills

 - encourage our students to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and of course, have lots of fun!

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Our students love sports, so providing them with regular sports lessons allows them to build self-confidence, and learn valuable skills in communication, team work and sportsmanship in a fun environment!  We will be including football, volleyball and basketball amongst many other sports.

We've added 2 hours of sports classes to our timetable each day, which not only means an increase in staff wages but also requires purchasing more sports equipment.

Can you help us cover the increase in our running costs, to ensure the success of our Sports Programme?

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