Helping Hands and our partner NGO Writing Through, share the belief that expressing our ideas, feelings and thoughts and having the confidence to stand up and use our voice, is of great importance in todays society.

Writing Through, an NGO with whom we’ve worked for three years, aim to enhance conceptual and critical thinking, self-confidence, and English Language fluency through their 6-day workshops.  They work to establish a mutual respect between teacher and student, and create a safe and connective environment for self-expression of ideas, experiences and feelings.

These workshops see the students producing poems and short stories both independently and as a group, culminating in a presentation of the students work to friends and family.

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The tools used during the workshop include a specially designed format of themes, prompts, brainstorming and presentation skills.  The previous three workshops run by Writing Through at Helping Hands, have been a huge success, with visible improvements in our students confidence and creativity over the six days.

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  Our students have so little, and yet they have so much to give, to share, and to express. The belief that one’s thoughts and feelings have value and are worth expressing, is so important for our students.
This workshop can help them find their voice.

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