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Our Monthly Donor’s support the long term goals and aspirations of our students, staff and the project as a whole.  We rely on the generous donations made by our supporters to keep our programme running.  By committing to a monthly donation you ensure sustainability of our         programme, and help us to look for ways to grow and improve, and ultimately plan for the    long-term.

Our monthly donors are very special to us.  Your commitment to our programme means such a lot to all the students and staff at Helping Hands.  As such, we invite you to become a part of the Helping Hands family, meaning you will receive exclusive news and updates from the school.

Every donation, no matter the size, goes towards making a significant impact to our programme, the children, and the community of Prasat Char!   If you could give up just 1 cappuccino a week, for a month, you could use that money to pay for 50 of our students to have a nutritional breakfast!

Where your money goes

By committing to a monthly donation you are ensuring our programme remains sustainable.  

Join our family of Monthly Donors now and you really will be changing lives!