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HHC Monthly Donor Programme

Our Monthly Donor’s support the long term goals and aspirations of our students, staff and the project as a whole.  We rely on the generous donations made by our supporters to keep our programme running, by committing to a monthly donation you ensure sustainability of our programme, helping us to plan for the long term, and look for ways to grow and improve our programme.

Our monthly donors are very special to us and we invite you to become a part of the Helping Hands family.  As a monthly donor you will receive exclusive news and updates from the school.

Every donation, no matter how big or small can go towards making a significant impact to our programme and the children and community of Prasat Char!   For example, giving up just 1 cappuccino a week, for a month, could pay for  50 of our students to have a nutritional breakfast …!


By committing to a monthly donation you are ensuring our programme remains sustainable, and you really will be changing lives!

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Helping hands monthly donor donations

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