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Charities like Globalteer do not exist without the generous support of individuals that support our work through donations. With this financial support, we can empower women by providing small businesses to allow them financial freedom.

The Woman's Empowerment Project

Globalteer runs woman's empowerment projects in both Peru and Cambodia. The concept is to create a sustainable economic opportunity for disadvantaged woman living in poverty. This makes it possible for them to contribute to their family's disposable income in a safe manner. Empowering women economically allows for greater economic independence, self confidence, social participation and finally increased gender equality.


The project in Peru is helping women in rural communities by starting their own businesses. The business involves raising and selling guinea pigs. In Peru they are called cuy, and they are not pets but a Peruvian delicacy. The women are also provided a class on financial planning. They are taught how to budget money, as well as how to deal with emergencies, for example if something breaks or if an unexpected cost comes up. The women also receive training on how to raise the cuys and properly take care of them.


The project "Newspaper bags for change" aims to create a sustainable economic opportunity for disadvantaged women living in rural Cambodia. By crafting paper bags from old newspapers women can earn a fair wage in their local community. Not only is this project great for the women and their communities, it is also great for the environment!

Empowering Women of Peru to have Financial Independence
Families are better together in Cambodia