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Picaflor House needs your support!

Help us help the community and children at Picaflor House by becoming a Monthly Donor!

This is our most important campaign of the year - to raise funds for our operating costs for 2018.

The Challenge

We’d like you to become a part of our monthly giving campaign, in which we take on the challenge of covering our total remaining running costs for 2018.

We’ve already come a long way and, so far, have raised US$38,000. To reach our goal of US$68,000, we need to secure an additional US$22,000 to cover our expenditure until December 2018.

Your gift of becoming a monthly donor will play an essential part in ensuring a prosperous, educational, nutritious, healthy, and successful year ahead for our students, staff and community.

Why is monthly giving so important to us?

Fundraising is one of the toughest tasks for Picaflor House which is why we are asking for your help. With your help, we can get on with the task of supporting the kids and community in Oropesa.

Just think, if just 60 of our followers and supporters would sign up as monthly givers at US$30 a month, that’s almost US$22,000 a year. Wow! With this kind of support not only can we ensure the sustainability of the program but also start planning for more wonderful developments as we move forward.

By sponsoring you are not just giving to Picaflor House, the programme also wants to give back to you. Becoming a monthly donor means you are also becoming part of the family – which means that you get to receive inside information, exclusive updates of activities and very personal thank you from the team.

For just US$30 per month, you can help us provide the following for every student at Picaflor House.

Education - Nutritious Food - Family Support - A safe & fun learning space

Picaflor thermometer

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