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The Street Dog Problem in Cusco

In 2013, the regional health directorate of Cusco estimated there were 14,000 street dogs in Cusco. More recent reports from local Cusco news outlets now place the number at over 40,000 street dogs.

With un-spayed females giving birth every year, this number continues to climb. These same dogs often suffer and die from the spread of diseases such as distemper or parvovirus. Dogs are often hit by cars and left for dead or severely injured. The dogs that are victims of abuse or accidents are often left injured and without care.

Many people in Cusco do not keep dogs as pets in the traditional sense, many are used as security or just left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Stray dog in Cusco
What can be done to solve the problem?

Previous local government policy has been population control by poisoning. This is not popular locally, as pets also get poisoned, and the dogs have a painful, inhumane death. The government say they no longer do this, although dogs are still sometimes poisoned by disgruntled residents.
Globalteer's plan through PAWS to improve dog welfare in Cusco has four main areas:

  1. Education
  2. Sterilization
  3. Vaccinations
  4. Shelter improvements and Adoptions
Peru Animal Welfare Society mobile clinic
PAWS' plan to end the suffering of dogs in Cusco

Education Programme
Education is the key to long term success of this project. The education programme will include school visits as the main focus but also a website and a public information programme, providing flyers at plazas and events, radio and TV programming. Educating people to inoculate and sterilize their dogs will also be key as many pets are left on the streets, which leads to dangers to these dogs, such as getting lost, becoming ill, or car accidents.

Sterilization Programme (Capture, Neuter, Release)
Neutering/spaying the street dog population and offering reduced prices for these operations to families with pets will make a significant difference to the future numbers of street dogs. Crucial to this aspect is procuring a Mobile Veterinary Clinic to reach dogs in rural areas, from where most of the population problem stems.

Vaccination Programme
The government of Cusco carries out a programme to inoculate dogs against rabies but not against any other diseases. We plan to work with the government to provide an additional injection for dogs to inoculate against a number of diseases.

Shelter Improvements and Adoption Programme
Work with existing rescue centres, shelters, and veterinary clinics to ensure there is an adoption programme along with an education programme for those adopting. Also work on improving infrastructure at existing shelters.

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kid and dog Cusco Peru
treating animals in Cusco Peru

To support Globalteer and PAWS with our dog welfare programme in Cusco, please donate and help stop animal suffering!

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