10 Years of Responsible Volunteering: What it meant to me – Community volunteers look back

Teaching kids, coaching sports, digging wells or working with marginalised women. Volunteering with Globalteer's community projects can bring you a huge sense of achievement, and make you feel deeply rewarded for your work. Whilst the most important part of any volunteer's placement is the  impact of their work, we believe that volunteering can have as big an effect on our volunteers as on the communities we work with. Here are just a few comments from volunteers who felt profoundly impacted by their volunteer experience. 

Michelle Ace, Cambodia Community Project

My favourite part of volunteering was seeing the impact it had on the lives of the Cambodian people. It was truly inspiring to volunteer as these projects are making a huge difference and long term improvements in the health, education and empowerment of the wonderful Khmer people.

The work I was involved in covered two projects: women and children. When volunteering with the women they made me feel such a part of their day, and taught me the start and end process of turning a used carry bag into a bright well-made floor mat. I didn't speak their language, but this was no problem as we were all mums, which is a universal bond!

My afternoon placement was with some very amazing and inspirational children. My time consisted of hair washing, brushing, head lice treatments, simple hair put ups, and general fun and games with the best kids I've had the pleasure to meet.

The children, while really bright, happy and caring, all come from hard backgrounds, and without projects like this they would be left very vulnerable. I therefore felt privileged to be part of their day.

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Lauren Franklin, Peru Community Project

My time at the project was an extremely rewarding experience. The director of the project was absolutely amazing and allowed me to contribute a lot to the school’s arts and craft lessons and kindergarten classes because I showed interest in both areas. By offering me the chance to work where I felt the most comfortable, my time became more rewarding for the children and for myself.

I cannot thank the staff and children at the project, or the staff at Globalteer enough for this life changing experience. I look forward to working with Globalteer again in a number of their other projects and would recommend the same to anyone who asked.

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Calvin Wong, Cambodia Clean Water Project

My experience at the water filter project was so much more than I was hoping for. I had hoped to experience how a water project can contribute to a sustainable development. I learnt that so much more about the additional efforts that they contribute to development of the communities they worked with.

The insight I gained through this experience opened up a new perspective in terms of poverty. I had mixed feelings as I went through these experiences, but I appreciate every single one of them. I believe I have changed as a person having gone through these events. If there is anything I would say as a final advice to other volunteers for this experience, it would be that the 2 weeks I had were amazing, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

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Joe Forde, Colombia Community Project

The entire experience was a joyful one, and one that I have taken a great deal from. It made up my mind that I want to work with children and I am taking myself back to school as a result. I would recommend a volunteer placement with Globalteer if you are looking to make an international holiday more fulfilling, if you are seeking out a worthwhile life experience, or if you just fancy doing something different that benefits others. I promise you won’t regret it!

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Simon Hare, Cambodia Community Project

I know, I know, I work for Globalteer so I must be biased. But the thing is I didn't always work for them and was once, way back in 2009/10, a Globalteer volunteer too. I worked as a teaching assistant at the Cambodia Community Project. To say it was life changing is a bit of an understatement. At the time I was working in London in a high pressure, low satisfaction job. Plenty of money and plenty of treats, but it wasn't enough. Doing something really useful in Cambodia and seeing the good that it did made me totally rethink my outlook on life. I have to admit seeing people with so little being happier than many of the people I knew back home also gave me a shake up.

To cut a long story short, I gave up my job, we sold our house and went travelling and I started working for Globalteer in Cambodia in 2012. I guess you could say it had an impact!

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