Colombia Kids Project Sport’s Day

Sports Activity Day at our Colombia Kids Project!

One of the most important children's programmes is the Colombia Kids Project. Twice a week, representatives from a sports association which belongs to the mayor of Medellin’s office come to the project to assist in preparing various activities for the children. The sports include playing football, games, organising small competitions and taking the children to the local swimming pool. Sports are an important part of a child's development and also a fun distraction for the kids.

Positive Impact of This Project

Volunteers at this project work with disadvantaged children in the city of Medellin. The projects provide a safe place for these children who would otherwise be subjected to a dangerous life involving poverty, trafficking and gang violence. The local organizations are secure and regulated by the government. Staffed with teachers, psychologists and nutritionists, the project ensures that the children live as normal of a life as possible.

While these projects are regulated by the Ministry of Family Wellbeing, there is no state funding which is why it is important that we have volunteers to help out the staff. All of our volunteers and staff must show background checks to ensure the safety of the children. Assisting the staff, volunteers help the children with their English skills, as well as help organize and supervise activities and sports days for the children.


Come Volunteer!

If you would like to volunteer with this programme please visit the Colombia Kids Project page to find out more information and submit your application to join Globalteer in Colombia!

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