What you can do to help us keep children safe?

Donate to Support our Work!

Charities like Globalteer do not exist without the generous support of individuals and organisations that support our work through donations. With this financial support, we can hire and train teachers to be out in the field, teaching the children how to protect themselves from harm.


Globalteer has a successful internship programme in both Peru and Cambodia. We accept interns in various roles and are looking for interns that could help in the child protection programme. For this project, interns with teaching experience or experience in child protection are considered.

how to help keep children safe

If you wish to support our project by raising funds for us, get in contact for a fundraising pack!

Share our Work!
share our work to help keep vulnerable children safe

We understand not everyone is in a position to donate nor fundraise. But that doesn't mean you can't still help. You can help spread awareness of our project and our work. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us and become a voice for the children we are helping!

Help us create confident kids!

Research has shown that confident children are less likely to be victims of child abuse. This is not a class, but an ongoing goal for all of us to build our children up and encourage them to believe in themselves.

help keep children safe by support our child protection project"
volunteers helping keep children safe by creating confident children"