Globalteer's Child Protection Project

The Child Protection project is part of the Globalteer network. Globalteer is a UK Registered Charity (1119706), founded in 2006.

Globalteer runs initiatives to support and benefit children, communities and animals in Latin America and South East Asia. Additionally, Globalteer supports ethical partner project with financial support and volunteers.

Child Protection Project.

The Child Protection Project was established in 2019 as an extension of our Child Protection Policy. We place a strong emphasis on keeping the children we work with safe; requiring all staff and volunteers to pass a background check before being able to attend our projects or partner projects. But we recognise that our duty of care to the children we work with does not end when they leave the project.

Furthermore, the children we work tend to be more vulnerable due to certain cultural factors and norms. And, since we are unable to eliminate these factors, then using some of the time the children are with us at our projects to teach them about safety and how to keep themselves safe was the next best option.

The project aims to teach children how to keep themselves safe from harm using our child safety modules. Our staff and the children's trusted regular teachers receive training to be able to deliver the lessons effectively to the students.

Child Safety Modules in Peru and Cambodia

Both our children's projects Picaflor House in Peru and Helping Hands in Cambodia have begun implementing the safety lesson. We will also be sharing the child safety modules with our other partner projects in Cambodia and Colombia as well as other NGOs working with children.

Long-term we are aiming to get the programme into schools in the countries we operate through cooperation with education departments.

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