Child Protection Project Donations

Help us Protect Vulnerable Children

Charities like Globalteer do not exist without the generous support of individuals that support our work through donations. With this financial support, we can hire and train teachers to be out in the field, teaching the children how to protect themselves from harm.

Our Child Protection Training Module

Our Child Protection Module teaches children how to keep themselves safe. A programme designed for children that was also designed by them and with them.

Globalteer’s Child Safety Module is designed as part policy, part research and part classroom curriculum. It is comprised of 8 modules of key safety issues for children, everything from which parts of your body can’t be touched by others to how to cross the road safely.

The Problem

In the developing world, parents often work long hours to be able to financially support their families. This means that children are often left unsupervised for large parts of the day. Children are often put in charge of caring for their younger siblings. This can leave children vulnerable and feeling scared.

Globalteer has established after school programs for children, which is a great way to keep children off the streets and into a safe, nurturing location. But what happens when children are not in government school or at an after-school project and their parents are still working? What is our responsibility to the children then? What do we owe to our children?

In Peru, we are working with the education department to achieve our goal of teaching all children how to keep themselves safe. The education department in the city of Cusco has one staff member in charge of the safety of 67,279 children! That one staff member's main role is teaching children about natural disasters and the role with child abuse is more reactionary than preventative. With such limited resources, the department of education is happy to work with Globalteer to help us keep the children safe.

Child Protection Training
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