So when is the best time of year to visit Peru?

Best time to visit Peru Choosing the best time to volunteer in Peru is not just about the weather. Did you know that Peru is so big and geographically diverse that it is home to no less than 28 of the world’s 32 official climate zones? Depending on where you want to go in Peru, […]

Happy Earth Day | How To Help Conservation Efforts

Happy Earth Day From Globalteer We want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day. We at Globalteer understand just how important our earth is and how important it is to help conserve it. We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Sudan, the last Northern White Male Rhino. This […]

Postcard from….The Amazon Wildlife Sanctuary

Many of our volunteers will deal with Globalteer’s Candice as you go through the process of applying and preparing for your Globalteer placement. And if you take up a placeent at one of our Peruvian projects in Cusco, then you will also get to meet her. Recently, however, Candice took a trip to lower altitudes […]

Introducing Agee!

Agee is baby Hoffman’s two-toed sloth who is currently residing at our Amazon Rainforest sanctuary in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Agee was brought to the sanctuary last year after dogs killed her mother. She weighed just 200g when she was brought to the shelter, and the staff at the project were not sure if she would […]

Meet Some of the Animals at the Peru Wildlife Sanctuary

Pepe – red howler monkeyPepe came to the shelter when he was 1.5 years old. For over a year, he had been  kept in a small room as a pet after being illegally taken from the rainforest. His owner also only fed him inappropriate food, such as chicken and fried food, which made him sick […]

10 great volunteer projects to escape the southern winter

1. Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle ConservationVisiting Borneo between May and September, is the perfect time to experience the best weather this tropical island can offer. However, not only is it the balmiest and driest season, hitting temperatures of around 32-33 degrees a day, you’ll be scuba diving in the crystal clear waters focusing on […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Julie

“My favourite thing about volunteering at the Peru Wildlife Sanctuary was EVERYTHING”Julia is from the UK and volunteered at the Peru Wildlife Project in August 2015 for two weeks. I chose Globalteer because they seemed to have a wealth of experience with placing volunteers, which as I had no idea at the time, was going to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Vita

“It’s an amazing experience, it changes you completely – for the better!”Vita was one of Globalteer’s first volunteers at the Peru Rainforest WiIdlife Sanctuary in the Southern Amazon region of Madre de Dios. We caught up with her during her placement when she filmed this short video clip about her stay at the project…

Postcard from The Amazon

Globalteer’s Marketing Manager, Simon and South America Project Manager, Colin recently took a trip from Cusco to the heart of the Amazon jungle to visit our Peru Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary. Here is their account of their rather magical visit:It would be difficult to get a better idea of the geographical diversity of Peru than travelling […]