A Day in The Life of an Amazon Conservation Volunteer

Volunteering in the Peruvian Amazon! Preparing for your volunteer adventure can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. Trying to think about what to expect when you arrive, what the work will actually be like. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Rosie, recently went and enjoyed her own volunteer adventure at the Peru Amazon Conservation Project! She shares […]

So when is the best time of year to visit Peru?

Best time to visit Peru Choosing the best time to volunteer in Peru is not just about the weather. Did you know that Peru is so big and geographically diverse that it is home to no less than 28 of the world’s 32 official climate zones? Depending on where you want to go in Peru, […]

Happy Earth Day | How To Help Conservation Efforts

Happy Earth Day From Globalteer We want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day. We at Globalteer understand just how important our earth is and how important it is to help conserve it. We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Sudan, the last Northern White Male Rhino. This […]

Peru’s Manu National Park declared world’s top biodiversity hotspot

This week sees great news surrounding our Peru Amazon Rainforest project. New research, based on photographs of an array of camera traps in 16 emblematic areas across the globe, found that Peru’s Manu National Park hosts the most biodiversity of terrestrial vertebrates on earth. Our Amazon Rainforest Project is located right in the middle of […]

10 great volunteer projects to escape the southern winter

1. Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle ConservationVisiting Borneo between May and September, is the perfect time to experience the best weather this tropical island can offer. However, not only is it the balmiest and driest season, hitting temperatures of around 32-33 degrees a day, you’ll be scuba diving in the crystal clear waters focusing on […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Holly

“I am so lucky to have had an opportunity to have been involved in this project!’Holly is an engineer from Canada who volunteered at Globalteer’s Peru Amazon Rainforest Project in August and September 2015.Here, she talks about her experience assisting with the project’s conservation programme and explaining why volunteering was a special experience where she […]

New Amazon Rainforest Progammes for Globalteer volunteers

Globalteer is now offering the chance to volunteer at two new projects in the unique and unforgettable surroundings of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Help conserve the Amazon Rainforest Our first new programme, the Volunteer Peru Amazon Rainforest Project, is a research and conservation project in the Madre de Dios Region of Peru where volunteers […]

We want men!

It could just be that women are more caring than men, but our projects are seeing a distinct lack of male volunteers at the moment. In fact it has got so bad that our Indonesian wildlife project has come right out on their Facebook Page in praise of their amazing female volunteers.  They don’t just help […]