Volunteer Spotlight: Ann

“A truly remarkable and unforgettable adventure”Ann is a retired teacher from the UK who volunteered at Globalteer’s Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary Project in July and August 2015.Here, she talks about her experience assisting with the project’s animal conservation and rehabilitation programme and explaining why volunteering was a special experience where she learnt a lot about some of the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Fiona

“It’s hot, sweaty work…but seeing the animals each day makes it worth it”Fiona is a very special Globalteer volunteer. During a break from her IT career, the 46 year-old Australian volunteered at no less than three of Globalteer’s projects – Thailand Animal Rescue, Cambodia Bear Sanctuary (where she also helped us to make our Cambodia […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Grace

“They are spectacular creatures and I am really going to miss them…”I think my time here at the center has helped me overcome my phobia of birds, but we will see.I have loved my time here and grown to love some of these animals more than I can say – especially Bimbin and Bonbon (the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Jenni

“I have enjoyed every minute of my time here…”I could not have enjoyed my stay here more. I have come to love many of the animals and care deeply about their well-being, along with spending many an enjoyable evening with the other volunteers and, of course, Simon. Among the highlights of my time spent with […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Patrica

At this place, I felt really useful…This time at the centre has been of very beneficial for me; knowledge on new species, pleasure of manufacturing things with little means, contact with volunteers and staff from other countries and cultures, and, above all, pleasure of seeing the animals happier thanks to our work. It is a […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Richard

Thank you very much and carry on the good work…Thanks for this month, it was a great experience for me. I hope everything will continue to improve for the centre and the animals. I realise that one month is not enough to really know the place, the project and to know what to do to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Harriet

You become attached without even meaning to…I was offered to spend three weeks at the centre, I thought yes! There my work would be vital and make a difference. It would be hard, but that made it more attractive as a prospect. Personally, I benefited from the experience by the fact that before my knowledge […]

Reasons to go to Indonesia: One, two, three…

Why is now such a good time to volunteer at our Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary? Well, unlike much of Southeast Asia the island of Sulawesi, home to the project, does not receive rainfall of biblical proportions throughout September and October, making it a great time to volunteer. In fact it usually stays relatively dry and sunny […]