Volunteer with Howler Monkeys

The Black Howler monkey (Alouatta caraya), is the largest and loudest New World monkey (i.e. native to South and Central America), and it’s the loudest land animal. Its call and especially a group’s communal howling (a group roar) can be heard up to three miles (4.8km) away! These social primates live high in the trees of […]

Cambodia Elephants

Treatment of Domestic ElephantsThe Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary endeavours to encourage those working with elephants to understand that it is imperative that elephants throughtout the province of Mondulkiri have access to a good supply of food, water, rest and correct and humane treatment.This project is the first of its kind in Cambodia and does not condone […]

Volunteer with Oranguatans

Volunteer with Orangutans For those who have ever wanted to volunteer with Orangutans; you may be in luck when volunteering in Indonesia. The Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary is currently home to two rescued orangutans. Introducing the ‘Man of the Forest’ The literal translation of Orangutan translates into ‘man of the forest’. It comes from Malay and […]

About Wildlife Rescue in Thailand

Wildlife Rescue in Thailand The need for wildlife rescue in Thailand revolves around a number of issues: The illegal wildlife tradeWild animals as petsExploitation by the tourist industry Asia has an incredible diversity of wildlife and wild places. There are many endangered species or those under threat for many different reasons. Objectives of the Thailand […]