10 great volunteer projects to escape the southern winter

1. Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle ConservationVisiting Borneo between May and September, is the perfect time to experience the best weather this tropical island can offer. However, not only is it the balmiest and driest season, hitting temperatures of around 32-33 degrees a day, you’ll be scuba diving in the crystal clear waters focusing on […]

Globalteer joins movement to safeguard children

We are delighted to announce that Globalteer has been accepted as an associate membership of UK charity Keeping Children Safe, in recognition of our commitment to safeguarding and child safety.Keeping Children Safe is a global network of member organisations who work together to ensure the protection of children against violence, abuse and exploitation. Being part […]

Too old to volunteer? Think again!

A lot of people assume that volunteering overseas is the preserve of the young – backpackers, students and gap year travellers. Well we hate to disagree, but, well, we disagree! Sure, we get our fair share of younger people volunteering with Globalteer but we pride ourselves on the great mix of age groups and have […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Quinn

“Overall, the experience was awesome. The programme really exceeded my expectations and was everything I had hoped for and more.”Quinn Conover is a student from the USA who volunteered from March to May 2015 at the Colombia Kids Project. Here he tells a little of experience in Colombia!  Finding the right organisationI have travelled before […]

10 volunteering ideas to escape the winter

1. Cambodia Community ProjectIf you want the complete opposite to winter, Cambodia is the place to be! You can spend your weekdays working with local communities to provide better education, access to clean drinking water, food and farming support, or help empower marginalized women. And then enjoy your nights and weekends swimming, having a few […]

Colombia just got cheaper!

Most people who volunteer in Colombia end up asking themselves just one question: Why didn’t I come before? And then spend the next few years planning their return. Colombia has certainly come a very long way since the 1970s and 80s when it was one supposedly of the most dangerous places on the South American […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen

“I can’t wait to return. It is one beautiful country. Thank you Globalteer.”American Karen already had some international volunteering in Africa and South America under her belt when she decided to devote two months to volunteering with Globalteer’s Colombia Community Project in the beautiful city of Medellin earlier this year. Here she tells us why she chose […]

Christmas treats for the children at our projects

Christmas is all about children but it’s easy to forget that not all children are lucky enough to live in countries where games and toys and too much to eat are seen as normal. Thankfully we are in a position to help make Christmas a time of happiness for the children we work with – […]

Free Spanish classes for Colombia volunteers

Free Spanish classes are now available to all volunteers on placements with our Colombia Kids Project in Medellin.   Introduced earlier this year, the classes have been a big hit with volunteers who benefit from the tuition to improve their performance while volunteering, as well as enabling them to immerse themselves more fully in the lively […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Simon

“Medellin, the project, and the travel that has followed have been one of the best experiences of my life, and probably always will be.”Simon, a 31 year-old British volunteer from Cheshire tells us about his two month placement in Medellin.Like any new experience you can seek out all the blogs, pictures, reviews and counsel you […]