Globalteer Volunteer Destinations Amongst the Cheapest in the World

With so many volunteer destinations available it can be hard to decide where to volunteer abroad. Budget is a huge factor for many volunteers; so it is not only important to find an affordable volunteer program, but the destination also needs to be affordable too. Well we have great news for you! Not only do we already offers some of the most affordable volunteer placements abroad, but now it seems that our volunteer project locations are some of the cheapest destinations in the world too.

Yes, it’s official: Cusco and Siem Reap (two of our main volunteer locations) are two of the best value destinations in the world; making it even easier for you to make that decision to come and volunteer with us in Peru and Cambodia!

The Price of Travel site has ranked the world’s most popular backpacking destinations according to what you can expect to spend on an average day. Globalteer's most popular volunteer destinations (Siem aReap and Cusco) come out extremely well, ranking as the 19th and 32nd cheapest destinations to visit; meaning that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank once you get to your volunteer destination.

What do you get for your money?

The website calculated the average daily cost for worldwide destinations, taking into account the cost of each of the following:

A dorm bed at a good and cheap hostel
3 budget meals
2 public transportation rides
1 paid cultural attraction
3 cheap beers (as an “entertainment fund”)

Siem Reap comes in at 19th place with a daily cost of $26.00 and Cusco comes in at 32nd place with a daily average cost of $30.51.

With Globalteer you get a whole lot more

Now if that still sounds like a lot to you and you are on a tight budget, never fear. With a full package at any of the projects in Siem Reap or Cambodia your placement fee covers your accommodation, breakfast, airport pickup and transportation to and from your project each day; making it cheaper still, as you don’t have to budget extra for these.

Of course your placement fee covers a whole lot more too; such as pre-arrival information  packsinductions and orientation and a permanent team of in-country staff on hand to help you throughout your placement. As well as a donation to the project you are working with to help them continue their vital work. We also make sure your placement is with a responsible and sustainable partner project where your help is genuinely needed and valued.

How do Cusco and Siem Reap compare?

Now compare $19 or $32 a day with the $78 you’d have to fork out in Queenstown or the whopping $122 in Zurich; doesn’t that make your travel planning that bit easier? You could easily save more than $90 a day or almost $1000 over two weeks if you came to Siem Reap or Cusco instead of Zurich . Just imagine what you could do with that $1000. So you can see that these really are affordable volunteer destinations.

Volunteering in Cambodia or Peru

So if you would like to choose an affordable volunteer destination, here are two great options! We have several projects to choose from too. In Cusco you can choose from our Community Poject, Dog Rescue Project or Horse Rescue Shelter. You will also be perfectly situated for your trip to Machu Picchu! And our local team will be able to give you all the best tips on where to eat, drink and shop, and what to do. Our local insider knowledge will help you save even more!

In Siem Reap you can volunteer at a Clean Water Project, a Food and Farming Project or our Community Project! It is also the landing point for the Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary! In your free time you can explore the magnificent Angkor Temples or explore the wonderful markets. Again our local Siem Reap team will be able to give you all the best tips to help your trip be even more affordable. Better yet, Siem Reap is a perfect hub to travel further abroad in Cambodia or South East Asia.

So if you want an affordable volunteer placement that is still responsible and in a destination that provides great value, you've come to the right place.