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The Cambodia Sports Project

To support Globalteer's Sports project in Cambodia, please donate and make a real difference to the lives of thousands of children!

The Cambodia Sports program

Sport is used in lessons about leadership, teamwork, fair play and social issues that affect boys and girls throughout Cambodia, especially in rural areas. The sports project lets kids play in a safe space, but more importantly provides education and empowerment through lessons taught on the sports field during weekly sports classes & football leagues.

Globalteer's Cambodia Sports Project has four areas:

  1. Soccer league
    The concept of the league and tournaments is very much mass participation of all genders and abilities, not financially restrictive for the children and great fun.
  2. Goals for Girls
    This programme would specifically support girls, ages 16-19, bringing them together for a series of leadership workshops on the soccer pitch.
  3. Sports coaching with a rural focus
    We bring the coaches, materials, and equipment to rural areas, engaging the students in each location at least once per week, for at least an hour each session.
  4. Sports for social impact
    These sessions will be used as a tool to impart important social messages for the children and young adults.
Girls and sport in Cambodia
Cambodia Siem Reap Football
Sport in Cambodia, the challenges and the solutions

The value of sport and play as educational and developmental tools is universally recognised in the developed world. By many countries, they are considered as fundamental human rights and made available to all. But in Cambodia, particularly in rural areas, the rights and voices of children are often ignored. Extreme poverty often forces children to take on adult responsibilities at an early age. Access to sport and even sporting equipment is very limited and basic knowledge of gender equality, health issues and many other social issues are lacking.

By bringing sport to the kids in their own communities, Globalteer provides free access to a variety of sporting activities. By combining sports with social messages, children not only learn new skills but also grow in confidence and find ways to face challenges, assert their rights and voice their opinions. The Globalteer project includes a soccer league that allows safe, fun competition, brings sport coaching to rural areas, and uses sport as a tool for leadership and empowerment training for girls.

By playing sport and learning new games, kids also learn things like team work, communication and self-confidence. But when sport is combined with critical social messages, like gender equality and children's rights, it is truly empowering. Children around the world love sport which is why it is such a powerful tool in helping them to develop skills that will shape their futures, change their own lives and communities.

Empowering woman and girls through sport in Cambodia
Siem Reap Soccer league

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