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Volunteer Holidays: Giving of Your Time and Talent for the Benefit of Others

Looking for an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment all while aiding a worthy cause? then working holidays abroad may be for you. Volunteer holidays are time set aside to help others; to use your skills and time to aid in the change or development of society. This volunteer travel will likely be more transformative than you imagine. But how do you begin and what options are there? There are opportunities for all ages and all skill sets, so you just need to pick what interest you.

Teaching Others

If you have an educational background you can volunteer to teach others. If not, then you can still volunteer as a teaching assistant. There are many opportunities in Asia, Latin America and Africa and other places for native English speakers willing to teach English as a second language. If you are charismatic and patient with the unique ability to convey information in an understandable and approachable way, then teaching abroad may be an excellent fit for you.

Requirements – educational background or most people are suited to volunteer as a teaching assistant.

Helping Endangered and Trafficked Animals

If you love animals and often find yourself wondering how you can do more to ensure that your children get to see all of the beautiful species you have grown up with, then plan your alternative holiday working with animals. All over the world, there are species that need your help, and you don’t have to be a veterinarian or zoologist to do it. Observation, construction, cleaning and feeding are some of the tasks of typical volunteers at rescue centres. Whether you want to help protect the elephants in Thailand, bears in Cambodia or trafficked animals in Laos, wildlife conservation is noble work in need of volunteers.

Requirements – Physically fit and a love for animals

Community Development Projects

Volunteer holidays supporting community development is a great way to volunteer and give back. Community programs often include educational projects as well as health programs, farming, infrastructure, sports and clean water projects. Whether you are a skilled laborer or just a concerned citizen, these projects are in a constant need for able-bodied individuals willing to give of their time and talents. There are opportunities in nearly every region in the world to help, so volunteer today and help build a better tomorrow.

Requirements – Various tasks available so many volunteers can get involved in community projects

Domesticated Animal Care

Man’s best friend is in dire need around the world. It is estimated there are more than 200 million stray dogs in the world. If you love dogs, then you can do your part to help to end the suffering of dogs forced to live a life on the streets. There are many shelters rescuing dogs from the streets and the lucky ones get looked after by volunteers from around the world. There are programs where dogs are neutered and vaccinated to help prevent more street dogs and the suffering from preventable disease.

You can also volunteer with domesticated elephants. Elephants have been domesticated in Asia for thousands of years and they are still taken from the wild today to be exploited in the tourism industry. Many elephant sanctuaries exist to rescue the elephants from a life of hard work; to allow them to live a life as close as possible to their wild brothers and sisters. Live and work up close to these magnificent creatures. When you travel to volunteer, you can care for these magnificent animals and give them the life they deserve at elephant conservation projects.

Requirements – Physically fit and a love for animals

Child Care Programs

In many parts of the world, children are forced to grow up too quickly. War, poverty, hunger and illness are just a few of the ways that children are victimized worldwide. You could make a difference in this epidemic by planning your volunteer holidays around child care issues. Working with children can be an extremely rewarding experience. If you are qualified and able to provide a long term commitment, then you may be able to volunteer directly with the children.

Additionally, if you have experience in marketing, advertising or business, you may be able to help behind the scenes. You may be able to assist with planning and development of community centers, feeding programs and other after-school programs. If you only have a short time and have no experience in working with vulnerable children; then child care projects are probably not for you, as described in this article about orphanage volunteering.

Requirements – Long term commitment, qualifications and experience in caring for vulnerable children

Aiding the Environment through Conservation Projects

As concern grows for the effect of humans on the environment, the number of volunteer holidays focused on conservation rise. In any of these volunteer travel programs, you will be aiding in the research, upkeep and restoration of the environment. From restoring coral reefs in Borneo to species monitoring in the Peruvian Amazon, there are volunteer opportunities for the whole family. Becoming a conservation volunteer should be at the top of your list i you are interested in protecting the environment or raising your children to be aware of their carbon footprint.

Requirements – Physically fit and a passion for conservation

Healing Others - an alternative holiday

There are a few volunteer holidays that encompass the idea of health and medical assistance. From providing vaccines to providing first aid, the world is in a dire shortage of health care professionals and volunteers. Many developing countries have significant public health issues that need to be addressed. Do you have a medical background and are looking for a way to give back? Then use your years of academic and professional experience to benefit the well-being of communities worldwide. Many developing countries and impoverished communities have low life-expectancies because they cannot provide or receive adequate medical care.

Requirements – Professional qualifications and experience in the medical field.

Volunteer charity holidays are an excellent way to give back to the world. By working holidays abroad, you will garner deeper relationships with people all over the place and gain insights into the world’s most pressing issues. Volunteer travel in the pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment is noble; but the work you do in aiding cultures and people outside of your own is a reward beyond words.

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