10th Anniversary: Younger volunteers’ life-changing experiences

Volunteering abroad is not just for teenagers, students and gap year backpackers. But to say Globalteer doesn’t get its fair share of young volunteers would be untrue. We get loads of young volunteers and we love them! Individuals, couples, friends, and university groups are regulars at our projects and this year we have even put together a tailor-made cultural and volunteering trip to Peru for a group of 15 and 16 year old students from the UK (with their teachers, of course).

The benefits to our projects are many but volunteering with us can also have a huge influence on a young person’s future – on their outlook, their understanding of the world and global development issues, their own personal and skils development and even on the direction of their studies or career.

As part of our ten year anniversary celebrations we asked some of our younger past volunteers to tell us how their volunteering experience made a difference to their lives. You might be surprised at just how much a difference your volunteering trip could make to your future. Read the full story here.