10th Anniversary: The impact of wildlife volunteering

For as long as many of us can remember, the world’s wildlife has been under threat from loss of habitat, hunting, poaching, "pet" trafficking, and the “traditional” medicine trade. Thankfully there are now many international and national laws in place to protect endangered species and to prevent the abuse of innocent animals.

Sadly, these laws are not always obeyed but the good news is that there are amazing people and brilliant projects making great strides in animal welfare, wildlife protection and conservation. At Globalteer we are lucky enough to have been working with a hand selected bunch of these projects and placing volunteers with them of them since Day 1.

On Day 2 of our ten year anniversary celebrations we highlight the brilliant on the work of wildlife projects and wildlife volunteers. You can read about the work over the years of the Cambodia Elephant project, and the Borneo Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation project to find out the impact they have had on wildlife, the environment and their wider communities.

You can also read about the impact of volunteering at wildlife projects from some of our former volunteers and discover how the benefits of volunteering go much further than you might at first think.