10th Anniversary: The impact of community volunteering

It’s day three of our tenth anniversary celebrations and today we are looking at the amazing work our community projects and their volunteers. But more specifically we want to look at the difference these projects really make. Because what’s the point of helping out if the projects don’t actually make a tangible difference?

Globalteer's community projects cover a multitude of activities from teaching kids and coaching sports to digging wells and working with marginalised women. Whatever kind of project a volunteer chooses to do commit to we do our best to make sure that you feel rewarded for you work. But there is one thing that underpins every project we work with and every volunteer placement: It has to have meaningful impact.

Achievements of the children

We know that projects we work with have helped children from backgrounds of extreme poverty to defy the odds and finish high school, graduate top-of-the-year from university, win places a medical school and secure decent, well paid jobs.

So we asked some of our projects to tell us more about the impact their projects are having and how our volunteers are contributing. You can read about the Cambodia Community Project, the Peru Community Project and the Colombia Community Project.

Achievements of our volunteers

It can be difficult for a volunteer who spends just a couple of weeks at a project to see the difference that their contribution has made, but every project we work with is chosen because they can demonstrate how their work is making a real, sustainable difference to the lives of the communities they work with.

At the same time we hope that our volunteers will feel rewarded by seeing how their actions fit into a grand plan that will have far reaching benefits. Of course it can and does benefit the volunteer too. And that is what you would probably call a win-win. If you want to see how volunteering with these projects made a difference to our volunteers, you can do that too with our article “What it meant to me”.

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Read about the impact of the Peru Community project
Read about the impact of the Colombia Community project
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