10th Anniversary: Never too old to volunteer

Yesterday we were celebrating the fantastic work our younger volunteers do and how volunteering made a difference to them. Well today we are turning our attention to the older volunteer.

At Globalteer we get a much higher proportion of older volunteers than many organisations which is just great for us and our projects on so many levels. Most of all because the mix of people from different backgrounds and age groups means our volunteers have a huge range of skills and different life experiences to draw on which is of huge benefit to our projects. And of course the diversity of our volunteers makes the experience much richer for everyone.  

We often ask our older volunteers in particular why they choose to volunteer with us and mostly they tell us it’s because we are a registered charity and non-profit, and because we really help prepare people for their placements as well as look after them when they are actually volunteering.

Volunteering can also be life changing for older people too, and today we feature just a few of our older volunteers whose lives were deeply impacted by the experience. Read the full story.