Volunteer Cambodia Women’s Empowerment Project

The Cambodia Women’s Empowerment Project provides previously marginalised women with new skills, a steady income and the opportunity for personal development in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

Duration: 1 to 12 weeks

Hours: Mon to Fri, 3 hours - 6.5 hrs per day

Activities: Learning to make beautiful objects from litter, attending Khmer literacy classes and socialising with the women at the project.

Location: Cambodia

City info: Siem Reap, small rural town

Accommodation: Private ensuite room, in a friendly modern guesthouse with pool

Requirements: Aged 18+

Volunteer Placement Fee: From UK£615 / US$730

How you will spend time at the project

As well as learning new skills and making new friends you will have plenty of fun with the amazing women at the project – not least of all when the team breaks out on the hour for some high energy limb-stretching dancing to Cambodian rock and pop music. These are hardy women with strong, colourful characters, and in volunteering here you will experience a work place quite unlike any other.

Daily volunteer schedule

Volunteering with the women’s empowerment project gives you the unique opportunity to work alongside some truly inspirational Cambodian women.

As a volunteer you are very much part of the team and will assist with all the tasks that the women undertake each day. They will teach you how to make beautiful objects from rubbish – which make truly memorable souvenirs of your stay - and you will even have the chance to join Khmer literacy classes with them.

Being able to share their skills with volunteers has a hugely positive impact on the women at the project and represents an important reversal of their traditional role as subordinates.
This project is based at a workshop near to the projects' main hub, situated just 10 minutes away from the centre of Siem Reap.  

Placements at the project are half days (8:30 - 11:30). The women start at 7:30am and volunteers are asked to arrive between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning. 

Your afternoons will be free so please talk to our Siem Reap team about the wide range of activities available for you to enjoy in the afternoons.

Why the project needs volunteers

The project is run by one of Siem Reap’s longest established and most respected NGOs that has been working with former street children and their families for more than ten years.
Following a ‘sustainable families' forum', led by the students for their parents, the project came up with a plan that would provide the students’ mothers – women who had never had a fair chance in life - to know what it was like to have a steady job that was neither degrading or dangerous.

Some of the women suffer from disabilities, others from addictions and other symptoms of poverty and abuse so the work has to be easy and it has to be cheap to do with minimal or no raw material costs.

The project recycles plastic bags which are the litter scourge of Cambodia’s towns and countryside and turns them into unique products which can be sold at market or used in the women’s own homes.
Sadly, raw material is in abundance but the women at the project collect the plastic bags, wash them, turn them into plastic twine and crochet the twine into funky and brightly coloured products such as floormats, bowls, cushions, bags and jewellery.

Each of the women attend the morning workshops 5 days a week, which ends with an engaging Khmer literacy class where they are learning the Khmer alphabet and how to read and write for the very first time. Every week the women also excitedly take it in turns to attend a local craft market giving them an opportunity to see their own products on display and being sold to the public.

The benefits of the project are many, from cleaning up the environment, to generating income and most importantly empowering the women and changing the lives of their families.

"Thanks to Globalteer I had the incredible experience of working with women from very difficult backgrounds and social situations and see how by having a purpose and a goal their confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed"

More Information

Read more about the Cambodia Woman's Empowerment Project including accommodation, location, extra activities, climate and what makes Globalteer different.

Read More about the Project

Child Protection Policy

All volunteers for this project will be required to undergo a background check in accordance with Globalteer's Child Protection Policy.

Volunteer Placement Fee

The volunteer placement fee includes:
Project donation
Airport pick up from Siem Reap international airport
Other pick ups possible upon request
Cambodia orientation on arrival
Town tour
Accommodation for the duration of your stay
Free breakfast.
Free daily transport to the project locations.
Free bicycles for all volunteers
Free stainless steel water bottle
Free drinking water
Exclusive Globalteer discounts
around Siem Reap
In country support from our volunteer co-ordinator, area manager and Cambodian staff.

The volunteer placement fee does not include food, flights, visas or insurance although we can provide information as required. Air conditioning and extra nights are not included. Free bicycles are provided although with distances and climate it may not be possible for all volunteers to cycle on a daily basis.

Groups and families are welcome at this project. Returning volunteers and those doing multiple Globalteer projects will receive a discount of US$70 / GBP£50.

Upgrade accommodation is approximately an additional £108 / US$127 per week which includes aircon.

Reserve Your Place

Application process & requirements

The minimum age for volunteering is 18 years old at the time of commencement of the placement.The project usually attracts a great range of ages: No specific qualifications are necessary as we have placements for most skills. Travel insurance is highly recommended for this project.

Please complete your application as fully as possible to ensure we utilise your skills in the most effective way. Volunteers are required to be respectful and open minded to the cultural differences they will encounter in Cambodia.
  1. Click on the link below to fill out an application form.
  2. Add "@globalteer.org" to your E-mail safe list to ensure that you receive a response.
  3. Your application will be reviewed and if accepted you will be notified via E-mail within one week.
  4. Pay your deposit to secure your placement within one week of acceptance.
  5. Undergo your background check for the safety of the children.
  6. Research your destination, book your flight, visit your doctor for inoculations and ask us any questions you may have.
  7. Full amount is to be paid 10 weeks before the start of your placement.
  8. Comprehensive information will be sent to you including a packing list, Cambodia cultural differences, Buddhist Monk etiquette, useful Khmer language phrases, volunteer placement rules, useful phone contacts and full programme information.
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