Meet some of the animals at the Sanctuary

The sanctuary normally has a range of animals at the sanctuary, each with their own stories and personalities. Here are the stories of some of the animals that you may meet at the sanctuary.
Pepe - red howler monkey
Pepe came to the shelter when he was 1.5 years old. For over a year, he had been  kept in a small room as a pet after being illegally taken from the rainforest. His owner also only fed him inappropriate food, such as chicken and fried food, which made him sick and uninterested in food. On arrival at the sanctuary, Pepe was severely malnourished, weighing only 2kgs. However, after being fed a nutritious diet, including beetroot and fruit, he currently weighs a healthy 8kgs. He is now the alpha of a group of five howler monkeys at the sanctuary, and takes his role overseeing his new family very seriously!
Pancho – black-headed night monkey
Pancho was the first animal ever to be at the sanctuary when it began over eight years ago. Pancho was brought to the sanctuary after being found at a local vet in a small cage being sold as a pet. Pancho is friendly, inquisitive, sometimes a little naughty, but definitely one of the most popular animals at the sanctuary with volunteers! 
Valentina - red brocket deer
Valentina has been at the sanctuary for eight years, after arriving at the sanctuary at only one year old. She was rescued after her mother was illegally killed by hunters for her meat. Valentina has certainly grown a lot since she was a baby, and now lives alongside three tortoises and a macaw, all of whom regularly eat and spend time together! 
Camilla - white lipped peccary
Camilla was brought to the shelter after being rescued from hunters, who regularly target peccaries for both their meat and hide. Luckily for Camilla, she was found before being illegally killed and now lives with two other peccaries, and together they spend their days playing in the mud, exploring all corners of their large enclosure and generally running amok. But don’t get too close, as they can bite! 
There are several macaws at the shelter. Macaws are regularly caught and illegally sold as pets, and the macaws at the centre have been rescued from either vets or shops where they were in cages waiting to be bought, and being fed inappropriate food which can severely affect their health.   
Some of the other animals that have been cared for at the project
Some of the other animals that have been cared for at the project include tamarin monkeys, brown capuchin monkeys, coatis, three-toed sloths, ant-eaters, and parrots.
Brown capuchins are a South American species found in the Amazon Basin. Capuchins are particularly special as they can complete complex tasks in the wild such as cracking nuts by using stones as a hammer and anvil – a task only exceeded in complexity by chimpanzees. They also rub themselves in substances with a strong smell, such as acidic ants and urine, to protect themselves against biting insects like mosquitoes. Capuchins are threatened in the wild as they are hunted locally for food, as well as the illegal pet trade. 
The coati is a medium-sized mammal that typically live in the rainforest and feeds off fruit, invertebrates, other small animals and bird eggs. They normally live in groups of females and their young, with a single male. The other males live alone, and only join the group to mate. Due to their cute appearance and smaller size, they are common victims of the illegal exotic pet trade in Peru. 
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